Pyrite: Fool's Gold in name but has just as much luster

Chemical Formula: Iron disulfide, or FeS2

Common Impurities: Ni, Co, As, Cu, Zn, Ag, Au, Tl, Se, V

Crystal System: Isometric; predominantly in cubes and pyritohedrons with parallel striations on faces, less commonly in octahedrons; also in nodules and massive forms; fine to course granular, fibrous, mamillary, stalactitic.

Similar Species: Chalcopyrite, pyrrhorite, arsenopyrite (toxic)

Mohs Hardness: 6 to 6.5

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Candle Colors: Gold or silver

Associated Fragrances: Copal, frankincense, ginger

Zodiac: Aries, Leo

Name origin: Named in antiquity from the word "pyr" or fire. Striking with steel will produce sparks.

Locales: Spain, Peru, Italy, Germany, Australia, France, United States (not a comprehensive list as pyrite can be found almost everywhere in the world).