Who We Are

Our Story

Dedicated to our loving dog, Buddy, who passed away in January of 2020, we decided to keep his memory alive by bringing smiles to people the same way he did to our family.

We've always been interested in crystals and minerals, and with a background in Philosophy and Chemistry, this was a natural fit. Combining our knowledge of chemistry and metaphysics, we aim to provide a one of a kind experience where our customers enjoy the aesthetics and the science of crystals.

We want to expand our knowledge of crystals and share it with you! Our goal is to provide you with crystals at an affordable price along with the piece of mind that the pieces have been hand-selected and researched prior to your purchase.  We want to offer you the very best quality--in physical specimens and knowledge.

Our formal training in Philosophy will help explore the metaphysical realm, while our resident PhD in Physical Chemistry will assist in providing the science behind the crystals.

We look forward to exploring with you...that's what Buddy was so fond of! Sucking the smell out of every bush or tree...he was a good boy and brough joy to all of us,